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Our Policy

SILEA L. T. S.r.l. aims to consolidate, year after year, its position in the European market as one of the most important manufacturers in the sector, and, at the same time, to establish itself in emerging markets as a reliable brand.
Such consolidation takes place through continuous product development, the search for new sectors linked to alternative sources (cryogenic, chemical, food), and investments in infrastructures.
Our company deems it essential to focus on corporate strategies and policies aimed primarily at quality: quality of the production processes, through the implementation of management software, quality of the products, of the company layout, and of customer satisfaction, also through customer service activities, both in the design and after-sales assistance phases.
The achievement and monitoring of these results is guaranteed by the constant management of the Quality System, according to what is stated in the UNI EN ISO 9001:15 standard, implemented by the control of the technical and safety aspects, according to the requirements of the applicable product Directives such as ATEX (equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres), PED (pressure equipment directive), MD (machinery directive), MID (measuring instruments directive), human resources, personnel training, and safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/08). The ISO Quality System is the guiding tool necessary to achieve the objectives that are set annually by Top Management based on the outcome of the Review and agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

Silea is also committed to safeguarding the environment by preventing and limiting pollution in all processes through:

  • Raising awareness of environmental issues for all employees.
  • Waste management, promoting recycling or recovery where possible.
  • Optimization of the temporary storage of waste and liquids destined to be delivered to companies in compliance with the laws and regulations in force.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations.

Top Management commits to verifying the degree of achievement of the quality objectives every six months, by reviewing the system in terms of resources, means, and facilities, and setting the objectives for the following year.

Silea Liuqid Transfer - Our Policy
Silea Liuqid Transfer - Our Policy
Silea Liuqid Transfer - Our Policy
Silea Liuqid Transfer - Our Policy

Silea innovates by tradition