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How COVID-19 has changed our working way

“Any historical event, however nefarious, is always placed on a path that leads to the positive”.
This sentence of Saint Augustine, written more than a millennium and a half ago, contains a philosophical thought, recurrent in the following centuries, according to which a great historical event acts as an "accelerator"of the modernization process.
How many wars, for example, are historically considered to be a watershed for the social and, especially, industrial progress?
If you think about it, even the pandemic we are experiencing has inevitably changed our routines, both in the private sphere and in the work one.
The current situation, in fact, has forced many companies, including Silea, to experience new methods of operation, smart working above all.
Unlike the companies that had previously introduced this working method, most Italian companies found themselves having to get organized in a few days.
As for Silea, the greatest complications were due to an insufficient number of laptops with which to equip a staff without training for work from home, until then, and, obviously, without the material time to make up for these shortcomings.
The first problem was solved using a tool that allows employees to be able to connect to their PCs, physically present in the company's establishment, directly from the home computer; while, as regards training, after a few days of fogging, it was possible to find an alignment, thanks to the collaboration and availability of everyone.
Indeed, one of the main risks of smart working is in the difficulty of coordinating. A company must operate like an orchestra, where it is not enough to be excellent soloists.
Is it possible to take stock of this experience after a few months?
Clearly time will help to consolidate this new routine, but the first impression on smart working can be said to be absolutely positive. The comfort and ease given by the home environment reduce the ordinary stress of the worker (increasing productivity by up to 13%, according to some studies), the reduction of travel also reduces the environmental impact that the employee's expenses, while , if we focus on the first months of implementation, smart working has also had a strong social value, distracting people from the alienation produced by the lockdown, although for a few hours a day.
When we will return to complete normality, hopefully as soon as possible, the hope is keeping alive, as needed, the experience of smart working with all the possible improvements, taking advantage of the "opportunities" that a disgrace such as COVID-19 has left us, at least this is what St. Augustine would recommend.

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