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Press release - Avery Hardoll

Silea Liquid Transfer announces that an agreement has been signed to acquire the Avery Hardoll brand from Liquid Controls LLC (IDEX Group).

This operation is an opportunity to extend our business horizons by implementing our product range with Avery Hardoll volumetric flow meters, regarding the mechanical components. It also allows us to create a new partnership with Liquid Controls LLC, regarding the electronic parts of the meters.

Avery Hardoll began its journey in 1932 in the United Kingdom and is still recognized as one of the most established brands in the sector of positive displacement flow meters for hydrocarbons with special reference to aviation.

Here are the declarations of our CEO, Luca Bozzi: “We are humbled by the opportunity to add Avery-Hardoll, one of the most respected meter brands in the world to our portfolio. It is also a great responsibility to ensure its continued success and we are looking forward to serving Avery-Hardoll customers with the excellence they have grown to expect from the brand.”

Art Laszlo, President of IDEX Energy, also said about this brand transition: “We are pleased to work with Silea to bring the brand back home to Europe and see it’s storied success continue well into the future.”

Silea Liquid Transfer, as usual, will take care of the Avery Hardoll customers and dealers, present all over the world.

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