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Silea 4.0

In the world of manufacturing, to which Silea belongs, the innovation is often identified in the launch of new products or in the upgrade of well-known products. Obviously, we too agree with this thought, but, to deepen the topic, it is worth asking what a product actually is, beyond its material value.
In fact, the product is not just an object, but the culmination of a company's journey made up of a chain of processes, ranging from design to construction.
So that's why, during the Covid-19 period, Silea decided to invest significant resources per la realizzazione on the implementation of a new 4.0 workbench for the assembly and testing of loading arms, designed to meet all the needs present in our work, which we know well thanks to our long experience.

• What has changed for Silea

After a few months from its entry into operation, we have already found the first advantages of the machine.
First of all, our operators have been put in the conditions of working in an even safer environment, thanks to the automation of most of the production phases and, above all, thanks to the introduction of complex lifting systems that allow you to place the arm in the position considered most comfortable by each worker, so as to limit physical effort and fatigue, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

• What has changed for our customers

There are several advantages that our customers draw from this new workbench, but they can be summed up in three simple words.
- Automation: reducing manual operations, consequently, means minimizing the possibility of human error, further increasing the reliability of our products.
- Timing: thanks to what we said, we have been able to drastically reduce loading arms assembly times, providing our customers with an ever faster and more punctual service.
- Customization: clearly, having made the production process easier and smarter, we are able to cope with even more particular and complex projects, trying to satisfy the needs of the customers in the best possible way.

For these reasons Silea believes that innovation is not just about the product, but also all the processes: design, realization, logistics and customer relationship.

Silea innovates by tradition