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SILEA LIQUID TRANSFER: TOP QUALITY CERTIFIED - Certifications as a company process guarantee

Today, in a sector such as ours - the transfer of hydrocarbons, industrial liquids, chemicals and foodstuffs - there is a network of accredited notified bodies that guarantee the quality standard of the company's products and or processes globally through certifications of various kinds.

Once each European nation had internal regulations, thus the European Economic Community drew uniform guidelines and directives to standardise and facilitate the market. Therefore, some countries outside the EEC decided to conform to European standards - also due to investments by Western multinationals - as well as some European countries, required to follow EU criteria, added certifications intending to check that European regulations are observed (in the case of Poland, for example, the TDT certification that Silea holds).

Today, quality control is no longer limited to the product, but rather to the company process behind its production, which can reflect the norms defined by the reference certificate.

Proving to be more and more indispensable, certifications turned into a business tool too: in addition to those required by law, optional ones can be provided, as an additional service, attributing higher value to the entire company and validating the quality of its products.

Certifications, mandatory and not, can be divided into two main categories:
- System certifications: obtained through an analysis of the company's processes, which must comply with the requirements of the various regulations. Once achieved, the notified bodies periodically check to ensure the established procedures are respected.
- Product certifications: obtaining them tend to be more technical. There are two possible paths to take: with 'direct' documentation, by constructing a prototype and producing a dossier (although for Mid or Ped certificates, notified bodies must check every order placed), or with 'automated' documentation when the product line includes in a system certification.

To meet all the customers' demands, Silea's production process is among the top quality certified on the market, thanks to the adoption, where possible, of system certifications that enable the perfect management of a wide range of products. In this way, our company's work and the offered services are qualitatively proven and successful.

Silea innovates by tradition