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Everything you need to know about the new semi-automatic coupler

After the preview presentation during the Oil&nonOil fair in Verona, as announced in the days preceding the event, The time has come to discover all the innovative features of the brand new semi automatic coupler 0513 series from Silea.
This coupler has been designed to ensure quick coupling without product leakage, between a loading arm or a flexible hose and the relative male coupler installed on the tanker.
What makes this product better than its predecessor?
First of all, an important difference is immediately visible to the naked eye: in fact, the coupling teeth have been reduced from five, as in the previous version, to four, but with a considerably wider contact surface, making the coupling phase safer, both in regular conditions and in the face of sudden pressure increases, caused by plant anomalies.
After a review of the internal components, it was possible to increase the fluid passage section about 15%, which translates into a reduction of loading times and, consequently, in economic savings for the benefit of the user.
In addition, the ergonomics have also been renewed thanks to the new handle.
As important as they are, the performance improvements are not the only innovations concerning the new semi-automatic coupler.
The speed of maintenance, in fact, is another essential topic on which it is necessary to focus.
The internal restyling led to a consolidation of the main components and the removal of some that, as a result, turned out to be unnecessary. This streamlining of the internal parts, in addition to having improved its performances, as explained, has drastically made easier the maintenance operations, reducing the times up to 60%.
We have chosen, as much as possible, to meet the needs of the end user, understanding the discomfort due to long downtime, therefore, thanks to the changes mentioned above, it will be possible to carry out some essential maintenance activities directly in the plant, without even having to remove the coupler from its arm.
This is a brief summary of everything there is to know about the new Silea semi-automatic coupler.
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