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1701 Series

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1701 Series
1701 Series
Bottom unloading arm
The series 1701 bottom unloading arms are designed to unload rail tanks carrying hydrocarbons and other industrial liquids in Russia and ex USSR Republics. The series 1701 carries a specially designed unloading coupler that matches the bottom unloading valve of the railcar. The unloading arm is equipped with swivels that permits a flexible and wide working area to allow easy connection to the rail tank unloading valve.

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Standard configuration

- Right-hand layout, lateral inlet flow with ANSI 150 flange.
- F-20 inlet swivel in carbon steel with HNBR seals for horizontal rotation.
- Boom pipe in carbon steel which allows to extend the working area.
- F-50 style double base swivel in carbon steel which allows the horizontal and vertical movement of the coupler.
- Compressed spring piston balancing system.
- Secondary Pipe made of aluminium alloy TTMA flanged.
- F-40 style auminium swivel with vertical rotation to allows connection of the coupler.
- Special design coupler to match the Russian style Rail tank wagon’s bottom loading valve.

Technical features

Standards and Regulations

- Conformity Declaration of current Directive ATEX for Equipment used in Potentially explosive atmospheres.
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive MACHINERY.
- Customs Declaration of certification for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, EAC certification.

Options upon request

- Materials of construction: low temperature carbon steel, 304 or 316 Stainless-steel.
- Seals in HNBR, FFKM, PTFE, FVMQ.
- Left side inlet.
- Bottom inlet.
- PN16 inlet flange.
- Steam jackets or Electrical tracing.
- Split Tipe swivels: three piece semplified maintenance.
- Specisl configuration for extremely low temperatures (-60/+200 °C)


- Sightglass.
- Unloading valve proximity switch.
- Mechanical park.
- Parking position switch.
- Stand-post.


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