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Semiautomatic coupler - 0513 Series

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Semiautomatic coupler - 0513 Series
Semiautomatic coupler - 0513 Series
Semiautomatic coupler - 0513 Series
Semiautomatic coupler - 0513 Series
Semiautomatic API Coupler
The NEW Silea female semi-automatic Coupler series 05132105 is designed to achieve a quick and dry coupling, without loss of
product, between a Bottom Loading Arm or a hose and the Male Coupler on a tank truck. The difference with the manual type is
that the Coupler hooks automatically to the male coupler before opening the flow.
The coupler respects the API RP 1004 standards and can be used with all compliant couplers.
Compared to the current semi-automatic coupler it has:
• A quick and safe coupling system with a larger contact surface of the teeth.
• Fluid passage section increased by 15% (higher flow rate for a faster loading phase).
• Usable even in the event of an increase in operating pressure.
• Renewed ergonomics thanks to the new handle, now equipped with a grip.
• Maintenance time reduced by up to 60%.
• The possibility of replacing primary seals without disassembling the coupler from the arm.

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Options upon request

Seals material:

- FKM-GLFT (Viton®) (-29/+65 °C)
- HNBR NBR hydrogenated (-40/+65 °C)
- FVMQ Fluorosilicone (-60/+65 °C)
- FFKM Perfluoro elastomer (-13/+65 °C)
- EPDM Synthetic Polimer (-50°/+150°)

Technical features

Standards and Regulations

- Conformity Declaration of current Directive PED for Pressure Equipment.
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive ATEX for Equipment used in Potentially explosive atmospheres.
- Customs Declaration of certification for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, EAC certification.

Maintenance kit codes

- FKM-GLT (Viton®): KM05132105V (Complete KIT), KG05132105V (Gaskets KIT).
- FKM-GLFT (Viton®): KM05132105G (Complete KIT), KG05132105G (Gaskets KIT).
- FVMQ: KM05132105F (Complete KIT), KG05132105F (Gaskets KIT).
- FFKM: KM05132105K (Complete KIT), KG05132105K (Gaskets KIT).
- HNBR: KM05132105B (Complete KIT), KG05132105B (Gaskets KIT).
- EPDM: KM05132105E (Complete KIT), KG05132105E (Gaskets KIT).


- Valve opening sensor Ex-d II2GD.
- Valve opening sensor Ex-ia II2GD.
- Park device.
- Park device with sensor Ex-d II2GD.
- Park device with sensor Ex-ia II2GD.

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