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ERC 100 Series

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ERC 100  Series
ERC 100  Series
Break away valve
The SILEA Safety Break-away Valve series ERC 100 is used on bottom loading arms to avoid leakage of dangerous fluids or vapours in case of departure of the truck during loading. Generally the valve is mounted on bottom loading bays. The ERC works through the breakage of three screws regulated at a specific load (force) that allows the valve to split in two parts.

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Technical features

Standards and Regulations

- Conformity Declaration of current Directive PED for Pressure Equipment.
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive ATEX for Equipment used in Potentially explosive atmospheres.
- Customs Declaration of certification for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, EAC certification.

Options upon request

- Materiali tenute: HNBR NBR hydrogenate, FFKM perfluoroelastomer.
- Applications: bio fuel, aggressive liquids.
- Working temperatures: -40/+65 °C, -13/+65 °C.

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