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The project, for a Swedish customer and sold through a retailer, pioneered innovative solutions and demonstrated Silea's dedication to customer satisfaction.. The main need was to transfer two acid chemicals: calcium chloride diluted 36% and ammonium sulphate diluted 30%.


The first step was a detailed analysis of the customer's requirements. Considering the morphology of the loading bay, in this case still under construction, we adapted the dimensions of the loading arm and chose the right accessories to transfer the product comfortably and safely. However, due to the extremely corrosive nature of the products, the necessity for special solutions emerged.

Initially, we proposed 316 stainless steel arms with PTFE seals to withstand the chemical aggressiveness of the products. Subsequently, at the explicit request of the customer, we developed an alternative solution: arms completely lined internally with PTFE to prevent the steel degradation.


The design of internally PTFE-lined arms represented a new challenge for the Silea Team, as this type of arm was not present in our standard list. Therefore, it was necessary to study and use fully PTFE-lined components, including special joints, valves and level sensors.

In addition, thanks to our partnerships with expert suppliers, we designed the entire piping system with a 4/5 mm layer of PTFE on the inside, ensuring maximum protection against corrosion.


The testing phase was crucial to prove the robustness of the new PTFE-coated arms. We set up an innovative assembly station, integrated within the Industry 4.0 framework, and defined an automated test cycle using demineralised water.
During this process, the customer could appreciate the characteristics of the loading arm, including its resistance to pressure and manoeuvrability, and fully validate the design.


The Silea-manufactured loading arms, fully PTFE-lined internally, are now
operational and assembled in Sweden, ready to transfer highly corrosive chemicals.

In an industry where safety and reliability are top priorities, our method stands out for its ability to create innovative solutions that meet the most complex customer requirements.

Silea innovates by tradition